JULY 2018







You found me! My very first blog post. An exciting day and a desire for a long time. I hope that as you read my thoughts, stories and notes you will be inspired. I have always loved stories. Each one of us has then. Each unique and different. Our stories define who we are. I worked at Dutch Television for many years and I have had the privilege to have interviewed many people and tell their stories. Finding out who they really are and the circumstances that shaped and defined their lives.


The Naked Truth

One of the programmes I made was to interview couples, where one of the two had a terminal disease and faced death. These interviews were always intense and really brought to the surface things that really mattered. Without all the clutter and noise just pure emotion, naked truths and moments savored. I always had to think of what the Bible teaches. That we are to live each day as if it is our last. Not in a morbid sense but in an attitude of gratefulness and determination to make each day count. This is how I want to live. Making the most of moments. To share what I have, seek for what I have lost and chase after the things I long for. This life is not a dress rehearsal but our only chance at it! So make it count.


Bumpy Road

I recently turned 50 and honestly as I come to turns with this number (because that is all it is) I am beginning to see its advantages. There is a road behind me I can reflect on and glean from. I have made plenty of mistakes as an artist  and as entrepreneur but by applying simple truths and frameworks I have turned the tide around. I believe it is possible to pursue your dream and career as an artist and get paid for it. Even if that means we need to reinvent ourselves again.


 After working in the television world for 10 years I made a major career shift. I went back to school and studied art and design. A passion I had always had and wanted to develop. After three years of hard work and a lot of perseverance I graduated with honours, majoring in fashion and textile design.


I worked for many cutting edge designers such as Viktor and Rolf, Anne de Grijff and Marga Weimans.

Each house and designer taught me something unique about design techniques, entrepreneurship or making it (or not) in the creative industry. These lessons I have taken with me on my own journey and will share them with you in my future posts. My heart is to help aspiring artists flourish.


Thanks again for visiting my blog. There is lots more to come as I share my experiences and insights in becoming an ARTIST that is not poor, depressed and uninspiring but an artist that is FLOURISHING.


 I will end with one of my favourite Nelson Mandela quotes:


'There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.'